Outside there is a large, old tall tree rising high above the top of my art studio. Often, while painting, I'm playing music, the birds alighting on its branches; either staying, if the music's compelling, or flying away if it's disturbing to their delicate sensibilities.

I've heard recently that because birds have great singing, and hence listening abilities, that some are incorporating man-made, generated sounds (like my music) into their birdsong, especially parts of catchy jingles!

If the "common bird" such as sparrow, thrush, blackbird and caged bird, including chicken, were to evolve further using this "learning by association", who knows?; they could eventually morph into musical "birdz" stars of the bird world. They'd be like "ordinary people" (oh, I dislike that phrase!) performing on "Stars In Their Eyes" or "American Idol", imitating or uniquely making a favourite song their own, as in "Stevie Plays the Grand". The little sparrow I've painted, is imitating Stevie Wonder. He is characteristically looking upwards, dark glasses shining in the spotlights, with feather plaiting and beading. The piano is a "Birdway & Sons" creation featuring all the trimmings that "birdz" would find appealling, knowing the innate characteristics of wood as they do.Stevie plays the grand