This web image is of one of the first paintings in my "Birdz" series. Capturing the wonderful light and feeling of warmth, on a late Sunday afternoon at the beach, was the starting point; the laid-back "seagullz" fitting the mood of the scene. The "seagullz" have the beach back to themselves again after a day of lively human visitors have left, going home after the end of the weekend.

It's now teatime for these "birdz" and they're leisurely enjoying the day's pickings: their top favourites of fish 'n' chips with Coca Cola to quench their thirst. The stone wall they're leaning against is made of volcanic rock and is part of a seawall running around our local foreshore and makes ideal seating construction for them.

I've painted them wearing sandshoes as the sand is scorching hot during summer at the beach and they've been happpily running around on the sand all day, feet protected! Classic denim beachwear finishes off their casual attire as it washes well and is hardwearing ... very suitable for "seagullz"