Over many years of walking the local seashore searching for inspiration for my "serious" seascape paintings (please view, I've rarely seen seagulls in trees. I'm concluding that seagulls view lamp posts as part of luxury beachfront living. These man-made trees offering a wide, stable and perfectly horizontal "bird's-eye' viewing of the ocean and beachline. Often there's a grouping of two or three seagulls up one lamp post and they don't seem to mind sharing it, often looking as if they're conversing with each other. My three "birdz" are called Cecil, Cedric and Cyril (their names came "out of the blue" one day!)

I've titled this painting "Birdwatching" for three reasons: firstly, I love expressing what it would look and possibly feel like if birds took the same fascination in us as birdwatchers do them. Secondly, the slang for "birdwatching" is viewing the female human form" and where better to do this than at the beach from a discreet vantage point?! Thirdly, the little crab, at right, is also "birdwatching", does he go unnoticed, what's he up to?